JangMee Park

Jangmee Park was born in Seoul, Korea in 1964. She received her BFA and MFA from
the Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul and began exhibiting her works in 1988.
Whether they are on paper or on canvas, small or large, Park’s paintings are filled with
playful imagery and daring colours. Paint, oil pastels and collage are juxtaposed with
confidence. According to the artist, her abstract compositions are meant as a
representation of human life. Life, like Park’s art, is an accumulation of memories, of
shapes, moments and colours. Park’s work can therefore be interpreted as a mapping of
human experiences.
Today, galleries across Canada and the United States represent Park’s work.

1990 MFA in Korea, Ewha Women’s University (Seoul)
1988 BFA in Korea, Ewha Women’s University (Seoul)
2003 Atrium Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
2001 Market Station, Ottawa, Canada
1995 Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1992 Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 Edgar Modern Art Gallery, Bath, United King
2004 Art Corée 2004, L’Agora de la Danse, Montreal, Quebec
Toronto Outdoor exhibition, Toronto, Canada
City Art Fall Artists Show, Metro Hall Rotunda, Toronto, Canada
2003 Art in the park, Spring Bank Arts, Mississauga, Ontario
2002 Art Corée 2002, Montreal, Quebec
2002-2001 Nepean Fine Art League exhibition, Ottawa, Ontario
2000 Art Corée 2000, Montreal, Quebec
NFAL show, Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa Little Theatre Show, Ottawa, Ontario
Asia-Montreal exhibition, Montreal, Quebec
1991 Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 Josunilbo Gallery, Korea
Dong-A Fine Arts Festival (National Museum of Modern Art)
1989 Contemporary Art of the Spot Exhibition, Doul Gallery
Collected Works Exhibition, Doul Gallery
1988-1989 Shin E-Wha Exhibition, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1988 Korean National Art Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art
Korean Contemporary Prints Public Subscription, Fine Art Center
Yehu Exhibition, Baek-Ak Gallery
Member of Nepean Fine Art
Member of Art Association of Ottawa
Member of Ottawa Mixed Media