Francesco Provenzano

Captivated by the eternal allure of his beloved Italy, Francesco Provenzano is a contemporary artist that draws inspiration from the visual richness and distinct beauty of the Italian countryside.

Born in 1960, a self taught artist Francesco showed artistic creativity with his first abstract painting. Francesco developed his technique by experimenting with a variety of art mediums and techniques until discovering his great ability to express his artistic passion through oil paintings.

While painting, his subjects or forms are seldom predetermined, they are allowed to develop freely. Francesco’s use of monochromatic palettes with splashes of contrasting colors creates the mood of mystery and solace. His layering of paints adds texture and depth, enhancing the beauty of the images he paints. His paintings are evocative of the colors and textures that surrounded him throughout his life.

For the past ten years, Francesco has painted splendid works of art from the comfort of his homes in Toronto and the glorious hills of southern Italy, where he continues to explore his vision and perspective on life and art.

Provenzano’s painting can be found in many private and corporate collections and are widely exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and North America.

2006 Balmoral Gallery, Detroit, USA
2006 Crescent Hill Gallery, Mississauga, Canada
2005 Galleria Cepelia, Krakow Polan
2004 Galleria Renata, Toronto, Canada
2003 Castello Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2003 Art Expo, Atlanta USA
2002 Elizabeth Gallery, Rochester, USA
2002 Nova Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2002 Art Expo, Atlanta USA