Dina Shubin

What stands behind the painting? Behind beautiful colours and gorgeous women?
An idea. Woman in visual art could represent everything. They could symbolize Love, Liberty, Justice, Science, Sorrow or Happiness. The list is endless. As for Dina, it’s obvious that the spirit of her paintings is to express Divinity of woman’s character.

She also succeeded to find her individuality and create her own style. But there is a history behind it and great teachers. The combination of real flesh and abstract background could remind of Klimt - the static poses full of inner power came from ancient icons, the prolonged and more spiritual then real figures connected to Modigliani‘s creations, the way of painting faces could be reminiscent of Giotto’s style. Dina has absorbed the best from those masters and united it with her vision, and came up with something of her own.

The creation of figurative painting is quite challenging for an artist. First, to give birth for an idea, then search for composition, which must be unique for each painting. To elaborate the only one and recognizable style is also a serious work, which Dina successfully accomplished.

Her women spread serenity, inner power and beauty that is shining from their faces and poses. They are full of thoughts and emotions. Changed proportions give them divine look of Muses or Spirits. Abstract surroundings take us away from reality and bring dreamy or fairy tale-like feeling. It makes us feel the sharply warm, sunny air and silky fabric of their veils, smell the flower’s aroma or hear the music which are going through their souls. These effects are being especially transparent through her very well developed technique. In her manner, Dina uses the combination of smooth texture for girl’s skin and rough texture for background. This contrast underlines woman’s tender nature. The textured surfaces bring out fresco’s decorative effect. However, it is not plain and one can fell the depth of space in the picture. All these factors touch our souls and take us to the amazing reaches of our imaginations.

So, what stands behind Dina’s paintings? The concept of creating romantic women. The prolonged figures aren’t earthy at all. Almost abstract background makes the situation symbolic. Her women surrounded by Elements and things, which are meant for Goddesses. That is why all the painting is full of music and flower’s fragrance. They are full with heat of the Sun and fresh air of the Wind. They are symbols of Happiness and Perfection, which any of us is seeking.